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Exploration // Spain

We did it. We traveled to Spain and spent 25 glorious days exploring Andalusia with our active, people-loving, curious 7-month-old. It’s always been important to Frank and I to cultivate a lifestyle in which traveling is woven into the fabric of our lives. And that hasn’t changed with the arrival of our daughter. We look forward to showing her the beauty of our world. She won’t have...

Exploration // Thailand

Every winter, Frank and I do what we love most…we pack our backpacks and set out for an adventure. This winter, we decided to leisurely explore Northern Thailand. After a whirlwind layover in Tokyo and a week in Cambodia visiting close friends, we found ourselves in the warm sunshine of Chiang Rai. By bus and...

Exploration // Iceland

Icleand. A country I’d been dreaming about visiting since Frank introduced me to Sigur Ros years ago.  In the midst of last year’s wedding season, we packed our backpacks full of camping gear, books, cameras, and warm clothing and set off for this country that is mysterious, magical, odd, and captivating. We spent time with...

Exploration // Spain & Portugal

The Camino de Santiago. A pilgrimage I had long dreamt of doing. And so we did. Not the entirety of it (approx 500 miles), but we undertook the last segment of pilgrimage, hiking from Sarria to Santiago. It was the hardest physical task I’ve ever taken on, but incredible nonetheless. We spent a week hiking...

Exploration // India

India! Frank and I spent a month in Northeastern India last year, and I’m thrilled to finally be sharing these photographs. India is unlike any other country and any other culture that I’ve experienced. Such beauty. Such poverty. I was captivated by the colors, the food, the city life…distraught by the lepers, children living on...

Exploration: Cambodia

No place on earth has captured my mind and heart like Cambodia. I had the opportunity to live in Sihanoukville last spring, while volunteering with Iris Cambodia, a Christian NGO dedicated to loving the poorest of the poor, advocating against human trafficking and sexual exploitation, and running a day center for children living in the...

Exploration: Thailand

Thailand- Land of 10,000 Buddhist temples- the 2nd stop in our 6-week honeymoon adventure. (Read the first blog post kicking off the honeymoon adventure story here.) We traveled by bus, bike, motorbike, three-wheeled pedicab, train, and taxi. We meandered from Bangkok to Phitsanulok to Mae Sot to Chiang Mai. We visited temples in the cities...

Exploration: Vietnam

Southeast Asia. The region of the world we love most, and where we feel so fully alive. Weeks after getting married, we backed a backpack and duffel bag, and left for our 6-week honeymoon. Vietnam. Thailand. Cambodia. The Philippines. Those 6 weeks contain some of the most beautiful memories and moments of my life. Dreams...


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