Exploration: Thailand

Thailand- Land of 10,000 Buddhist temples- the 2nd stop in our 6-week honeymoon adventure. (Read the first blog post kicking off the honeymoon adventure story here.)

We traveled by bus, bike, motorbike, three-wheeled pedicab, train, and taxi. We meandered from Bangkok to Phitsanulok to Mae Sot to Chiang Mai. We visited temples in the cities and on mountain sides, watched moonrise over the hills while riding our motorbike through the countryside, hiked in forests blanketed with fog, and walked over the Friendship bridge connecting Thailand and Burma (Myanmar).

For Frank and I, it felt important to visit Mae Sot and walk into Burma. We had both been seriously impacted by “For Us, Surrender Is Out of the Question,” by Mac McClelland…a book about the unending war (decades upon decades) inside of Burma between the Burmese government and ethnic groups (esp. the Karen). You can read more about the Karen Conflict here.

Back to the photos though…here are a few favorites….




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