Exploration: Vietnam

Southeast Asia. The region of the world we love most, and where we feel so fully alive.

Weeks after getting married, we backed a backpack and duffel bag, and left for our 6-week honeymoon. Vietnam. Thailand. Cambodia. The Philippines.

Those 6 weeks contain some of the most beautiful memories and moments of my life. Dreams really do come true, people.

First stop, Vietnam. Without a doubt, Northern Vietnam is one of the most amazing places I have ever been. Words fail me in expressing how marvelous it felt to walk the streets of the Old Quarter in Hanoi, to ride our rented motorbike into the mountains and valleys in the far north, to stare into the mountain ranges that stretch into China, to trek down rice-terrace covered mountain sides with Sumi (our H’Mong guide), to eat the best pho of our lives on the sidewalks of Hanoi, to walk through outdoor markets populated by the H’Mong people.

Here is glimpse of the adventure (1 of 3 blog posts).


 Sa Pa
Bac Ha




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