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The Camino de Santiago. A pilgrimage I had long dreamt of doing. And so we did. Not the entirety of it (approx 500 miles), but we undertook the last segment of pilgrimage, hiking from Sarria to Santiago. It was the hardest physical task I’ve ever taken on, but incredible nonetheless. We spent a week hiking across the Spanish countryside, through farmland, forests, and small village, stopping at every cathedral we passed. It was grueling and satisfying, and we descended into Santiago with weary feet, slowly going step by step until we stood in the shadows of the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, where the bones of St. James are supposedly buried. I feel in love with Spain…the buildings, the wine, the cafes, the people. We took a train to Porto, Portugal, and then on to Lisbon. Another magical city. Agh, the fado. The old city streets. Our 8-week adventure ended on the islands off of Southern Thailand, after a short stint in India (click HERE for more about our time in India). It was a whirlwind trip, and some of the best eight weeks of my entire life. Now, I dream of doing the entire Camino…Portugal

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