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India! Frank and I spent a month in Northeastern India last year, and I’m thrilled to finally be sharing these photographs. India is unlike any other country and any other culture that I’ve experienced. Such beauty. Such poverty. I was captivated by the colors, the food, the city life…distraught by the lepers, children living on the streets, and rickshaw pullers…and moved by the unbelievable landscapes we saw. We spent time in Calcutta doing photo projects with two amazing organizations, Sari Bari and Shomota (I’ll be sharing more about them soon), walked the maze of narrows streets in the Old City beside the great Ganges river in Varanasi, ate steaming bowls of Nepali thukpa and stood in awe of Kangchenjunga, the world’s 3rd highest mountain peak, from the mountain town of Darjeeling, and hiked down 3,500 steps to the vast, forested valleys of Cherrapunjee to see the living tree root bridges.




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