Exploration // Spain

We did it. We traveled to Spain and spent 25 glorious days exploring Andalusia with our active, people-loving, curious 7-month-old. It’s always been important to Frank and I to cultivate a lifestyle in which traveling is woven into the fabric of our lives. And that hasn’t changed with the arrival of our daughter. We look forward to showing her the beauty of our world. She won’t have any memories of this particular journey that took our wandering feet to Seville, Cadiz, Arcos de Frontera  Ronda, Grazalema  San Jose, Cabo de Gata, and Granada, but Frank and I will always hold fast to the memories of seeing and experiencing so much loveliness as a family of three. Each day, Frank would strap her on, and off we would go…into winding city streets, cathedrals, castles, monasteries, Moorish forts, and towns perched on cliffs. She was fascinated by everyone and everything, and she charmed strangers, waiters, fellow travelers, shop owners, bartenders, and little old ladies. Here is a glimpse of our journey…




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