Bloomington Elopement // The Graduate Hotel

The pandemic forced Ethan & Whitney to change their wedding plans multiple times. They stripped down their wedding plans to the most essential parts: the two of them. Their immediate families. A dress and rings. Ample time for photos, roaming around IU’s campus for photos. The quiet of Second Baptist Church’s cozy sanctuary; 12 people fully attentive to the pastor’s words and the movement and actions of Ethan & Whitney. An intimate family meal, prepared by Whitney’s Dad, on a private terrace at the Graduate overlooking the city.

I really love the big weddings: 100’s of people and a jovial, racous party and a countless elements falling into place to make the wedding day happen. And I love the intimate weddings. A handful of people. The calm and quiet and grace of a simple celebration. The same heartbeat and purpose in both: promise and happiness and love.

Cheers to Ethan & Whitney! To the difficult decisions they had to make with wedding planning! To their story of love that they celebrated with their families and with each other!




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