Meet Sarah

I love what I do. I feel enlivened and empowered as a photographer. I am a visual storyteller, a photojournalist, and a connoisseur of beauty. I’ve lived most of my life enraptured by stories of all shapes and sizes, with a camera in hand. In 2009, after acquiring a degree and experience in photojournalism and fine art photography from Indiana University, I launched Wandering Heart Photography, formally announcing to the world my intent to photograph the glory of love, the beauty of living, and the power of story 

I am continually awed by the camera’s ability to tell a story, and I cherish being a storyteller. Frank and I live in Bloomington, Indiana, but we LOVE to travel. So whether your wedding or engagement session is in Indianapolis or Hanoi, we would be honored to document your story.

Why we do what we do

Three movements are woven into the essence of our photography. The first is the glory of love. We are fully convinced it is the most powerful, most glorious force in this world. Love conquers all. Love changes everything. Love wins. Love is the reason we do what we do. We capture the reality of love in the couples and families and people that we met and photograph. 

The second movement highlights the beauty of living. Amid all the ordinariness and all the hardship of life, there is profound, unspeakable, uncontainable beauty. Photographs helps us to remember this fleeting gift of living. 

And, oh, the power of story and storytelling! This third movement gives voice to the story- to YOUR story. Your story is unique. No one will ever live a life quite like yours. That is the true strength of the camera- to put shape and image and memory to the story of your life. We create story-filled photographs that you will share with your loved ones, and with your children, and with your children's children. 

Meet Frank

In late 2015, I had the unfathomable joy of marrying my love, Frank. Our story is full of redemption, adventure, and marvelous love.

Frank discovered his eye for story and keen ability with a camera while living in Southeast Asia and working for an NGO. While living among ethnic minority groups, he crafted his ability to capture life unfolding in the moment and to document the beauty of the people and landscapes around him.

His confidence with the camera and drive to capture the movements and moments of living makes him a key part of Wandering Heart. He is the primary businesess administrator and my co-wedding photographer. You can view his commercial photography business at 


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