Haley & Reed // Bloomington Wedding // FAR

We all know the ongoing pandemic has forced couples to drastically change their weddings plans and postpone lovingly planned and long-awaited wedding celebrations. There is disappoint and grief in that. There’s also resiliency and adaptability. And there’s always love. Love strengthen, not diminished.

I’ve found there is something so unbelievably special in the new trend of smaller, elopement-style weddings. I can’t quite explain it, but if you’ve been lucky enough to attend one of these weddings this year, you know what I mean.

Haley& Reed’s intimate wedding at FAR was just that. Special. Casual, yet formal. Full of 1,000 emotions. Relaxed and candid. Vows and speeches that brought tears and smiles. A gathering of the closest family and friends. Yes, they’re going to have an epically delightful party next year to celebrate their story. But let’s start with story of their epically delightful wedding:

The following amazing vendors made Haley & Reed’s celebration possible:

Prep location: The Graduate

Wedding Venue: FAR

Cake & Desserts: Two Sticks Bakery

Florist: Myers Flower Shop

Custom-made Earrings: Loren Hope

Videographer: Doug Fellegy




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& the Midwest

Timeless. Heirloom. Authentic.