Dakota & Kayla // Indianapolis Wedding

“You are my best decision, my greatest friend & adventure.”

These two carry around within them a joy that is contagious. Being in their presence is sort of like basking in a sunbeam. I felt it during their engagement session, and it set the mood of their wedding day. Pandemic or not, you can’t hold back a tidal wave of joy. And so, waves of joy ebbed and flowed all day long, and we were all carried away in an ocean of it.

Their day began at 5 East in Mooresville, included a raucous galavant to the Canal in downtown Indy, and ended in their backyard, for what turned out to the best backyard celebration. Summer nights are special in Indiana, and I’m not sure what’s better than the combo of a gorgeous summer night…the transition from bright light to golden light to dusk to cozy darkness…and the gathering of friends and family to celebrate LOVE.

Ceremony: 5 East Hair: Studio J Makeup: Royal Weddings Cake: Nosh Dessert Parlour Catering: Chick-Fil-A




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