Cody & Bri // Bloomington Wedding // Whippoorwill Barn

“And when your heart knows, it knows. There’s no explaining it. You can only trust it.”

Fireworks. There were fireworks at the reception. Everyone gathered outside the barn at Whippoorwill Hill to watch them go off, brilliant and colorful and joyful. Cody & Bri held each other and stood out in front of the crowd. It was an unforgettable ending to a memorable day…Cody’s brother, newly enmeshed in the military and stationed across the county, surprised the entire family with his unexpected attendance…a massive storm blew in right as the bridesmaids began to walk down the aisle, causing everyone to run inside to the safety of the barn…Bri’s bridal beauty that radiated from her being…epic dancing that lead to pants splitting and shirts being thrown in the air…and fireworks to end it all. Wow.

Cody & Bri, may you be guided through this life by your hearts. Trust your hearts. Be confident in the path your hearts lead you down together.

Venue: Whippoorwill Hill




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