Katy & David // T.C. Steele // Bloomington Wedding

There is a power between the two of us. An electricity we could power a whole city if only we know how. There is something between us. You and I. Some kind of magic.”

A year ago today, Katy & David were married. I found such solace in these photos, as I carefully picked the ones that would best tell the story of their day. My heart feels weighted today with the heaviness of our times. Pandemic. A world in quarantine. Racism. Protests against injustice and heavy-handed police action. I hope we use the power of story and the power of love to speak up, to act with courage, to love fiercely, to enact change.

Perhaps it’s frivolous to post a wedding story. But perhaps not. The force of love is the most powerful force in the world. Love moves us into action. It causes us to cry out, to do large and small acts of sacrificial love and generosity. The power of love starts within us, and then flows within our homes and marriages and relationships, and is poured out into our cities and communities. May love move you into action.

Ceremony Site: T.C. Steele Reception: Fountain Square Ballroom Wedding Planner: Sincerely Yours H & M: Jayme Carney & Lindley (Ruby’s Hair Co)




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